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9th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition

The exhibition is the leading student recruitment event in Azerbaijan.

It is the only event in the field of education organized with support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The support of the Ministry emphasizes the significance of the exhibition for the development of the education sector in the country, and contributes national groups and universities to participate in the event. 

The exhibition directly connects you with students and their parents eagerly looking for higher education, study programs and training courses abroad.

9th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition is the only in the region that provides the prescheduled meetings service that connects you with your target audience before the event, and works on making your participation more productive.


Why Azerbaijan?

In the last years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Azerbaijani students study overseas. Such tendency is justifying a strong and constant growing of economy indexes in Azerbaijan.

  • Azerbaijan is a leader in the Caucasus Region and the most stable country in CIS with population 9.7 mln.
  • For the recent 7 years GDP increased 3.2 times, Oil Sector increased 2.6 times and the government budget’s income grew 16 times.
  • Over $170 bln USD has been invested to the economy of Azerbaijan during the past 7 years. More than 1.2 mln new job places has been opened.  
  • Population revenue has increased 6.5 times, average salary increased 5.5 times and the poverty dropped down to 5.3%
  • Receiving a high education is of great importance to Azerbaijani citizens. There is a quite high demand for qualified education exists and many families are looking for a prestigious schools abroad.
  • Every year over 15 thousand Azeri students study overseas.



Date of foundation                 : 2007

Frequency                            : Annually

Number of exhibitors               : 132

Countries                             : 20

International Participants        : 67%

Local Participants                  : 33%

Total Number of visitors          : over 9000

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What Exhibitors Say?

92% of exhibitors are satisfied with the number of attendees.

85% of exhibitors are satisfied with quality of the attendees.

62% of exhibitors expect to conclude new contracts as a result of the exhibition.

85% of exhibitors stated that their expectations of the exhibition have been met.

92% of exhibitors confirmed their participation in the next year exhibition.



Mikayil Jabbarov, Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • A successful career and prosperous life starts with a good education. To study, obtain relevant knowledge and competencies are among the greatest privileges of a human being. In the framework of this exhibition the Ministry of Education is presenting new projects as well as existing educational opportunities. Today in Azerbaijan the state, private sector and educational institutions are working together and they are expanding the cooperation options for development of human capital. In light of this, the International Education and Career Exhibition serves as a good platform to establish a dialogue among educational institutions, business community and youth, present new ideas and projects, conduct efficient discussions. The key line of the educational reforms underway in our country is to build up an educational environment that will allow development of individuals, and to do so by determining a system’s success formula. To this end, we generate success stories at various levels of education and define the educational system development directions in general. I am confident that the exhibition will provide a valuable contribution to the expansion of cooperation and implementation of new projects aimed at future development of our country.

Jeyhun Bayramov, Deputy Minister for Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • Education and Career is an excellent platform for academic institutions, businesses and our young people. We believe that current exhibition will be a guide in the true sense of the word for our youth, our senior pupils and students. We think that as a result of the organization and expansion of this exhibition dialogue and collaboration between the business and education sectors will expand. Today we are laying the foundations for the implementation of new projects for the further development of our country.

Assel Mussabayeva, General Manager of the Graduate School for Public Policy, Nazarbayev University:

  • We have come here from Astana and are participating for the first time in the Education Exhibition. Nazarbayev University is the first university in Kazakhstan to operate in accordance with international academic standards and be guided by the principles of academic freedom. We hope to attract Azerbaijani students to study at our university where one of the priorities is to ensure an international mix of students. We plan to participate in the Education exhibition again in the future. A lot of students approached our stand interested in our master’s and doctoral degree programmes. My opinion: the exhibition has been very interesting!

Oliver W. Olson, Head of Enrolment Management, Maastricht School of Management:

  • - Our international business school is an expert in collecting and sharing best practice in the field of international business and management with students from around the world. Thousands of students from more than 120 countries around the world have graduated from our school during its operation. For the first time, we are participating in the Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition to disseminate information about our MBA program. One of the reasons for our participation in this exhibition is to bring information about the benefits of an education at the Maastricht School of Management to the exhibition audience.

Irina Pepelyanova, Recruitment officer, Inholland University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands):

  • Thank you for planning the exhibition. Our experiences were very positive. We were impressed by the number of visitors.

Anna El Guindi, Admission officer, Emirates Aviation University (UAE):

  • Emirates Aviation University is considered one of the top higher educational institutions in the field of aviation management.The main purpose of our participation in the Education exhibition is the promotion of Emirates Aviation University. There has been great interest in our stand, particularly from students from the National Aviation Academy, who are mainly interested in our undergraduate and graduate degree courses.From my experience by participating in the exhibition, my congratulations for the good organization of the event.


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