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Alternative education



Begim Mammadova, Assistant at British School in Baku

- British School in Baku (BSB) is the only British School in Azerbaijan. Our curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum. The entire curriculum is in English, while our training programmes include the Azerbaijani language and literature, as well as history and geography of Azerbaijan. The lessons are delivered by native speakers invited from different countries of the world. Classes consist of no more than 18 children. Upon completing the school children get UK certificates (IGCSE, A Level, etc.), along with Azerbaijani certificates.

Our school is well known in Azerbaijan. However, the great attention from the schoolchildren at the exhibition shows that there are still many issues of interest for our potential students. The main interest of visitors is associated with the continuation of study abroad. Here, in addition to well- known programs, we present an innovation - study at Abbey DLD. This is a group of leading colleges in three cities of the UK - Cambridge, London and Manchester. The first year of study takes place in the British School in Baku, and the next year