EduExpo - The relevance of the MOBILAZE project for Azerbaijan

The relevance of the MOBILAZE project for Azerbaijan



Ekaterina Belukova, Officer at the MOBILAZE project

Our project supports the implementation of a partnership on mobility between Azerbaijan and the European Union, which is understood as migration, movement of citizens; be that for training or for work. Since it is an education exhibition, we have tried to cover the issues of students’ mobility. The project has been implemented for a year and a half in partnership with seven EU countries. A special brochure was published for Azerbaijani students on how to obtain a visa to the partner countries of the MOBILAZE project, what to do in a foreign country for obtaining a residence permit. This is a “red tape”, a rather complicated bureaucratic process, and our experience shows that not all young people are aware of its specifics. The brochure outlines the documents required to obtain a visa, and what should be translated and certified by the notary, what steps need to be taken to stratify the diploma in Azerbaijan.

Our goal of participating in the exhibition is to tell about the MOBILAZE project and to attract as many Azerbaijani youth to study in foreign universities. For a year and a half we have been actively working in Azerbaijan, organising various events for prospective students, including lectures on migration. Many children want to continue their studies in the EU countries, and we support them in terms of legal issues.

We are expecting for a lot from the exhibition; we want to get acquainted with promising students who would like to participate in our events, as well as to find new partners in the field of education. We have already successfully cooperated with the Baku State University, where we conduct lectures on migration on a variety of topics, including the economy. These lectures are attended by the professors from the Oxford and Sorbonne universities, among others.