EduExpo - SABIS - a unique education system

SABIS - a unique education system



  Leyla Efendiyeva, Marketing Manager at Sabis

- Sabis is a unique education system related to the preparation of students to enter the best colleges and universities that meet their career requirements and goals. The main office of the company is in Beirut. In Baku our school was first opened in 2015. Now we have about 400 students. Trainings are in English, but as of this year, there is an opportunity and choice of training in Russian and Azerbaijani too. We accept children from 3 years old to our kindergarten with the further aim of obtaining a secondary education. Children, passing from another school to ours, participate in the contest; we test them for their language and mathematical knowledge and physical health. Unlike other schools in the curriculum of our school there are special subjects for learning English. All the main subjects are taught by teachers from abroad.

Now in Beirut they are working on translating books into the Azerbaijani language; new programs are being developed. One of them is the online education system under the Sabis program. Today at the stand we demonstrate the mock-up of the school to show its comfort. It has separate equipped buildings for kindergarten, secondary school and senior classes. All of them are equipped with necessary equipment up to gyms and swimming pools. In addition to the education, our students have the opportunity to choose any kind of sport, drawing and dancing, and once a year, to participate in competitions abroad among Sabis schools of different countries.

For the development of children, in addition to the training part, we carry out the so-called SLO (Students Life Organisation). This is done to identify the special skills of children, and to learn their fantasies and talents. After graduation, for those children who wish to continue their education abroad, we offer all kinds of options and help in helping them.