EduExpo - The best students of the country study at our university!

The best students of the country study at our university!



Mustafa Babanli, Rector of the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry

Our university has been participating in the Education exhibition for three years now, and here we solve different tasks. First of all, we demonstrate our capabilities, and also analyze the prospects for further development.

Of course, our goal is to attract more prospective applicants. And we have so far succeeded. Today we have one of the highest ratings in Azerbaijan among the applicants. This year, 292 applicants entered the university, who scored more than 600 points at the entrance exams. In the first year, about 1,000 students are enrolled, who gain more than 500 points, and this for a technical university is an undeniable achievement.

However, we do not forget about the scientific work; at the exhibition, we demonstrate the latest achievements in science and technology and their introduction into production. We hope that our startups will work in the coming months, and they will pay off, benefiting not only the authors, but also the university, the country as a whole. I am glad that interest to start-ups is constantly growing. This suggests that Azerbaijan is gradually embarking on an innovative path of development. More and more young people understand that the diploma does not end with one diploma.

Until the end of this year, we plan to produce 4-5 products under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”. This is an innovative product, which, I hope, will be introduced into the world market. I note that we are supported by the State Foundation for the Development of Information Technologies and our winning projects receive grant funding from them.