EduExpo - From the Lithuanian university to any country of Europe!

From the Lithuanian university to any country of Europe!



Ludvikas Wilimas, representative of the Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Lithuania)

- At this exhibition I represent the Study in Lithuania portal which unites all the universities of Lithuania in order to provide an opportunity for study in our country. Representatives of 11 higher educational institutions of our country take part in this exhibition in Azerbaijan. This is not the first time when we meet with potential students in Baku, providing them with necessary information. After each exhibition our universities receive a lot of motivational letters. Basically these letters deal with the desire to continue studying in the magistracy.

About 200 students from Azerbaijan study at various universities of Lithuania today. We have developed simple and affordable rules for online admission for international students on our portal. Our diplomas are recognized in all countries of Europe. The Lithuanian government gives chances of receiving scholarships to all students, especially students with high rates. Among them there are students from Azerbaijan. Career centres operate in every university of Lithuania and all of them concluded agreements with local and foreign organisations and companies. With the help of special programs, for example, Erasmus +, they help graduate students to choose any country in Europe with further opportunity to work and practice. Thanks to a specially designed schedule, these students can study and work simultaneously.