EduExpo - Welcome to Aydin University!

Welcome to Aydin University!



Sabina Huseynova, Marketing Coordinator, Department of International Relations at Aydin University (Istanbul)

- This is not the first participation of our university in the Education exhibition. Based on previous exhibitions, I can say with confidence that the influx of visitors is guaranteed, since training in Turkey is very popular among Azerbaijani students.

Despite the fact that our university is relatively young (it was established in 2003), currently it trains 41000 students, including 4000 foreign students. Almost 400 students came to receive education from Azerbaijan. I note that we offer discounts to foreign students, and special discounts for Azerbaijani students.

The last two years, the University of Aydin, according to the assessment of The Council of Higher Education is among the leading private universities. For us, Azerbaijan is the most important market. Therefore, our university always takes part in the Education exhibition with great pleasure.

For Azerbaijani students, we offer training in a number of specialties, e.g. Engineering, Economy, Medicine, Stomatology, etc. In addition, Aydin University has the largest metropolitan technopark which also attracts the attention of many students around the world.