EduExpo - Important characteristics of the university

Important characteristics of the university



Nargiz Abishova, Tutor of Career and Practice Centre at Baku State University

- There are 17 faculties at our university. In various scientific fields, specialists are trained at the Bachelor's (65 specialties) and Master's (221 specialties) degrees. Agreements with foreign universities provide students with the opportunity to practice and increase their knowledge in educational institutions of other countries.

Our university also has a Lyceum of Young Talents; the aim is to educate children with special talents. Today the lyceum has high indicators, and every year the number of those who want to study here is growing. The Gazakh branch (the faculty of pedagogy) has started to operate and as planned, we will increase the number of faculties.

The number of foreign students is also growing at our university. Basically they are interested in the faculty of psychology; the educational process includes 5-year education, which begins with courses on the history of Azerbaijan and the study of the Azerbaijani language.

During the exhibition, our stand demonstrates modern equipment and a number of instruments from university laboratories where teachers, students, masters and doctoral students work. This is one of the main goals of our participation in the exhibition, since research and development is the most important characteristic of our university. For example, the problem of saline land is very topical and our experts are studying the effect of nano-particles in increasing the fertility of the soil.