EduExpo - A successful export of educational services

A successful export of educational services



Shaig Askerov, Vice Rector for Administrative and Organisational Issues at the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC)

The purpose of participation in the Education exhibition is to present our recent activities and to demonstrate the prospects for the development of our university.

I note that the important task of UNEC today is to transform into a world-class university. Therefore, the exhibition reflects our activities in this direction, in particular, the projects "Innovations in Education", "Research University", "Towards a Global Education Market", "University-Student Center" and "High Standards in Higher Education". In recent years, we have been able to achieve significant success. Thus, according to the studies of rating agencies, UNEC is on the 4th place among the economic universities of Eastern Europe and Asia, while being the 1st among the states of the South Caucasus.

I note that the educational process and training of personnel in UNEC correspond to American and European educational systems. Training in bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies is carried out in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish, which undoubtedly attracts many foreign students. At their service are career centers and technology transfer, an innovative business incubator, an electronic library, an online reception system. Today, our university has 200 students from many countries of the world study. Another remarkable fact is that any student can graduate from our university with two or more specialties. Also, students can participate in various exchange programs (Non-erasmus, Erasmus + and Movlana). At the same time, UNEC is the only university in Azerbaijan that exports education services to the countries of Europe, in particular, to Greece.