EduExpo - Merits of the National Aviation Academy

Merits of the National Aviation Academy



Adalat Samedov, Vice Rector for Educational Affairs at the National Academy of Aviation


- The National Aviation Academy is a closed joint stock company for higher education; it includes 6 faculties, 21 departments for training in 21 specialties and a training centre for pilots (IATA Institute). The main training areas are flight engineers, dispatchers, technical personnel, transportation managers, security officers, computer engineers, logisticians, etc. The training is mainly conducted in the Azerbaijani language, but we have branches in Russian and English as well.

The plan of students’ admission is carried out according to the order of AZAL (on average, 30 pilots, 25 dispatchers and 40-60 specialists of engineering and technical personnel per year). Applicants for the pilot and dispatcher specialties should not be over 23 years old; they undergo a medical and psychological check up to ensure that they meet the required physical standards. This is a mandatory requirement to allow them to participate in the competition for admission.

Our young women also show interest in aviation; five Azerbaijani women have already received amateur pilot certificates. Along with higher education, we have organized refresher courses as well. A large number of AZAL and SilkWay employees visit them every year. An important role of the Academy is emphasized by the fact that 85% of civil aviation employees are our graduates. High-quality training of local staff eliminates the need for training abroad. Among the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS, the Academy stands out with its modern training centre for various aircraft models.

Moreover, the representatives of foreign companies also practice at our Academy, which is conditioned by the certification of international aviation organizations. We have created an electronic version of our library in several languages, which has been actively updated by the authors from our higher-education teaching personnel for 25 years.