EduExpo - The best education has the best effect on the formation of human capital!

The best education has the best effect on the formation of human capital!



8 October is the final day of the 11th Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition at Baku Expo Centre.

The Education exhibition, which is being held under the “Human capital is our greatest asset” motto, has become a landmark event in the country's education life. The exhibition has provided a unique choice for the best education and has closely familiarised the Azerbaijani applicants with foreign universities. At this year’s Education exhibition, 144 educational institutions from 24 countries of the world are representing over 90 different faculties.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Education Minister Mikail Jabbarov stressed the importance of the professional development of the modern generation and noted that the ministry highly appreciates the benefits of the traditional Education exhibition. The head of the ministry pointed out the importance of the formation of human capital which contributes to the country's successful integration into the world community.

According to the local and foreign exhibitors, the power of any society and the prospect of its successful development are based on competent personnel and therefore the future of any state is directly connected with the education of its citizens. This exhibition vividly emphasizes this development and brightly reflects the dynamics of modern society in its desire to improve the level of knowledge. It is no accident that the “Higher Education” and “Improvement of Language Skills” sectors, with their target audience aged 16 and older, has attracted the attention of visitors. The basis of many expositions at the event was the variety of university programs and wide opportunities to obtain bachelor, master, IBA and PHD degrees, along with the possibility to join language courses. Belgium, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, Slovakia, Singapore, the USA, Turkey and Ukraine provided information on the opportunities for the education of Azerbaijani students abroad. Such specialties as business and marketing, computer science and computer technologies, medical education, conservation of natural resources, equipment of educational institutions, etc. are widely represented at the exhibition.

Education 2017 will be remembered by its extensive business program, B2B meetings and a workshop dedicated to the choice of the future profession. The Forum has ensured close contacts of youth with employers, by unconditionally fostering the reputation of education. The process of combining the search for a better place of study with the potential for the development of social intelligence has also been very indicative. Today our young people study in many foreign countries and the participating representatives of the world’s largest universities talked about how Azerbaijani youth learns the basics of science abroad; our students with the Masters’ and Bachelors’ degrees return to our homeland to build and create a new life on a world scale.

The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan is represented by its extensive projects at the exhibition. Among these projects are “SABAH”, “Maarifchi”, “Teach for Azerbaijan”, “Sound Education - Healthy Nation”, “Preparing for School”, “Icheri Sheher Traditional Art Centre”, “Children and Youth Development Centre”, etc.

It is important to note the diversity of the exhibition within the professional communication of the older and younger generation. The applicants and schoolchildren were greeted by reach stands where there were provided with maximum information. The atmosphere was very relaxing in the pavilions and it was fun and very interesting to attend numerous quizzes and questionnaires, relax in a short break with music, join dancing and sports flash mobs, and meet with the heads of the largest universities in Azerbaijan.

The 11th Azerbaijan International Career Exhibition was held in parallel at Baku Expo Centre. Traditionally, both events have successfully complemented each other, by significantly expanding the scope of services provided by exhibitors and attracting additional attention of visitors and industry professionals. Many of those who were present from among the young specialists have studied employment opportunities. There were many vacancies on offer; today the career opportunities depend on good knowledge, diligence and practical merits.

A convincing factor of the relevance ad popularity of both exhibitions has been the keen interest of thousands of visitors; many of them are young people who strive to get a decent education in the best universities in the world.

The organisers is Caspian Event Organisers (CEO) with the official support from the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan.