EduExpo - The project “Davamlı Təhsil” (Continued Education) is profitable for educational institutions

The project “Davamlı Təhsil” (Continued Education) is profitable for educational institutions



Gunel Ramazanova, Senior Specialist at Marketing and Product Promotion Department, Pasha Life

- At the Education 2018 exhibition, the insurance company Pasha Life presents a special project for students who attend paid universities; it is called “Davamlı Təhsil” (Continued Education). In the insurance market of Azerbaijan, this is the only product associated with education. The new product insures payment of tuition in the event of death or an accident with the receipt of the first group of disability of one of the student's parents. Making a minimum deposit for the year, you get a guarantee of the company to pay the full amount of training, even in case of unforeseen circumstances related to lack of funds.

It is possible to pay the insurance fee either in full or partially on a yearly basis. The amount of the fee depends on the age of the parent, indicators of his or her health and the amount of tuition. It is important to know that upon the fact of an insured event, tuition is paid, and the remaining money is transferred back to the student’s family.

This project has been launched only a few months ago, but a number of educational institutions in the country have already shown interest in it. Our participation in the exhibition is connected with the desire to demonstrate it to a wider audience of students and parents, as well as the universities presented at Education 2018. I note that the project “Davamlı Təhsil” is no less profitable for educational institutions and guarantees them continued education of their student even in unforeseen situations when students are forced to interrupt their education due to the impossibility of paying for tuition due to the loss of health of the guarantor.

Our new insurance product will help them protect themselves from this kind of problems.