EduExpo - The great benefits of education exhibition

The great benefits of education exhibition



Nigar Ismayilova

I myself am a history teacher. I try not to miss education exhibitions, since this event is relevant both due to the field of my activity and because of my personal interests; in the future my children need to decide on the choice of their professions.

In addition, I try to actively participate in the lives of my pupils; on the second day of the exhibition, I have a plan to attend the event together with them. Now, when education is developing so widely, one always wants to expand the circle of his or her interests, learn something useful, new, and work out recommendations. The exhibition provides an ample opportunity to get comprehensive information on various events and competitions where our students can take part. In addition, I was looking for the necessary materials, history books; so, the information provided by the Institute of Education turned out to be the most useful.