EduExpo - We have created a huge database of applicants

We have created a huge database of applicants



Mikhail Sizyomin, Managing Partner of the Association for Humanitarian Cooperation (the RF):

- The Association for Humanitarian Cooperation of the Russian Federation is debuting in the International Education Exhibition. The Russian language is well-known in Azerbaijan, and many local citizens want to get higher education in the Russian Federation. Currently, 15 000 young men and women from Azerbaijan study in universities of the Russian Federation. At this exhibition, we represent the interests of 16 leading universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions.

Education forms human capital, which, in turn, is part of the infrastructure of the economy and business. Thus, the intermediary mission of our Association can also influence the successful interaction of business structures and enterprises of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.

The Association provides an effective format of cooperation - working with corporations, for which we undertake to train the specialists they need. As for the applicants, we help them, without going to Russia, to pass all the necessary documents to universities, to pass the entrance test exams (by establishing skype connection with universities). We have created a huge electronic database of applicants for universities. This service is very convenient and in demand by all.

We also facilitate interuniversity communication, advanced training, and additional education for all interested people. We also partially help with employment issues, as we work with specific enterprises. After all, many enterprises in the Russian Federation request that universities prepare specific training / education programmes that meet the needs of those businesses.