EduExpo - Perspectives of studying in Lithuania

Perspectives of studying in Lithuania



Ignas Bautrenas, representative of the Lithuanian Education Exchanges Support Foundation

- We constantly participate in the Education exhibition because a lot of young people want to get a higher education in Lithuanian educational institutions. This year we present seven universities and colleges offering education to Azerbaijanis who can speak English. By the way, many subsequently show interest in learning the Lithuanian language as well.

Among Lithuanian universities, the most famous in the world is Vilnius University. Lithuania now has a strong school of training specialists in the field of laser technology and medicine. Vilnius University of Technology enjoys authority.

In general, our Foundation is the national structure of Lithuania, which is entrusted with the administration of the Erasmus + and Lifelong Learning programmes, other initiatives funded by the EU and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in the field of higher education and vocational education. The foundation has been successfully operating since 2007; it is engaged in 50 different types of activities, including those in kindergartens and schools.

We help different organisations, associations and other structures to improve their business practices, and the skills of their employees. In addition to training programmes, the Foundation is also involved in projects such as Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, and initiatives Euroguidance, Europass, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, eTwinning, EPALE and Nordplus.