EduExpo - It is our first-time participation in the exhibition

It is our first-time participation in the exhibition



Gunay Aghamaly, Head of the Nursery-Kindergarten "BUTA"

The Nursery-Kindergarten “BUTA” has been operating since 2011. We currently serve with one main and three affiliated branches. The activities of the kindergarten are aimed at the fulfilment of several tasks of preschool education - physical and mental development of children, intellectual and personal development with regard to their individual characteristics, elimination of speech defects, and education of moral qualities and so on.

At our exhibition stand, we offer a variety of developmental, language, school preparation, game programmes, psychological counselling and many other services in the kindergarten. We also inform parents about the necessary documents for admission of children to the Nursery-Kindergarten BUTA. I should also add that from the very first day we have started, we have been providing on-line camera surveillance services to parents. Moreover, all our facilities have transportation service.

The Nursery-Kindergarten “BUTA” is a debutant at the EDUEXPO exhibition. The main purpose of our participation in the exhibition is to ensure the recognition of the Nursery-Kindergarten “BUTA” and to inform parents about our activities. The activity of the first day of the exhibition is very promising. We hope that our participation in the exhibition will have a positive impact on our future activities.