EduExpo - Together with you for renewable energy

Together with you for renewable energy



Michael Dietrich, Managing Partner/CSO

Renewable energy is on everyone's lips. Nowadays wind and sun energy are taken for granted. But how exactly does this new technology work? And how many further opportunities for the energy production are there? The company leXsolar gives all these answers thanks to its products, and with its training systems prepare the new generations for a future with renewables. Pupils, students and adults will get closer to the topic in a clear and practical way and will get enthusiastic thanks to durable products and experiments that really work in everyday school life. For this reason leXsolar relies on high quality and on a customer oriented service. The main focus is our credo: "Together with you, we'll develop enthusiasm for renewable energy and will contribute to the energy transition."

We are a unique company worldwide! As a specialist in our area we have a very unique and special position in the market. It’s our first participation on these exhibition. At EduExpo 2019 we present our products range for technical training equipment and school nature science products special in the topic of new/green energies like Sun, Wind, Hydropower and so one. Also new major topic we have in range like fuel cells, intelligent power grids, and electric mobility and bio energies. We are waiting on our stand decisions makers for budgets in schools and universities and colleges. Also industry users in the new energy area.