EduExpo - Traditionally our university welcomes a lot of foreign students

Traditionally our university welcomes a lot of foreign students



Yulia Djergenia, Inspector for the Control over the execution of orders at the G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

The G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, a modern university in the centre of Moscow, provides students with a safe campus, fitness centre, library, dormitory, as well as a supervisory system and constantly available means of free communication.

At EduExpo 2019, we present a wide range of educational services and are waiting for all potential applicants. As is tradition, our university welcomes many foreign students, including Azerbaijanis. There is also a possibility of admission to the budget form of education.

Students mainly study specialties in the field of economics and management, but there are many other educational programmes, such as linguistics, psychology, computer sciences, applied mathematics, tourism, and administration.

Yesterday, visitors, mostly young people, were constantly visiting us, and among them there are those who want to join our university. They ask a lot of focused questions, while discussing the details of receipt. We are glad that we can answer all questions in detail, talk about the future Alma Mater, and provide information booklets.