EduExpo - The country needs professional programmers

The country needs professional programmers



Professor Murad Omarov, Vice-rector for international cooperation

- Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE) is one of the profile universities in Ukraine. The focus here is on applied information technology and innovation.

KNURE has created the material and technical base for training and research, in which engineering and information technologies can be integrated with other disciplines. The principles of development of KNURE are innovation, sustainability and reality, and this means cooperation and exchange among business, industry and society circles.

The university consists of eight faculties, and students are trained in 28 specialties at the Bachelor and Master levels. About 600 foreign students from almost 40 countries of the world receive education at our university. The departments of computer science, computer engineering and management, information and analytical technologies and management, information communications, among others, are especially popular.

The University is a regular partner in joint projects of international programmes of the European Union, the UN Development Program, British Council, and NATO.

For us, cooperation between KNURE and Azerbaijan is important! In our country, there is still a shortage of qualified programmers, and Ukraine ranks fifth in the world in the number of professional programmers. Therefore, we strive to attract young people to study at KNURE. The magistracy for them is conditionally divided as follows: the year of study in Azerbaijan, and the year in Ukraine. As of this year, the implementation of double Azerbaijani-Ukrainian diplomas has been launched.